SBL 2013

Sessions and Papers related to Johannine Literature
presented at the
Annual Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature
Baltimore, MD - November 23-26, 2013

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Program of the Johannine Literature Section

S23-326: Johannine Literature
11/23/2013, 4:00 to 6:30 PM

Theme: Johannine Ethics
Jo-Ann Brant, Goshen College, Presiding

  • R. Alan Culpepper, Mercer University
    Creation Ethics in the Gospel of John (20 min)
  • Lindsey M. Trozzo, Baylor University
    No Greater Ethic: Unity, Love, and the Rhetoric of the Passion in the Fourth Gospel (20 min)
  • Cornelis Bennema, Wales Evangelical School of Theology
    The Place of Mimesis in Johannine Ethics (20 min)
  • William Loader, Murdoch University
    The Significance of 1:14-18 for Understanding John’s Approach to Law and Ethics (20 min)
  • Ruben Zimmermann, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
    Narrative Ethics in John with Special Focus on John 11 (20 min)
  • Jan van der Watt, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Respondent (20 min)
  • Discussion (25 min)

S25-125: Johannine Literature
11/25/2013, 9:00 to 11:30 AM

Theme: Open Session
Alicia Myers, United Theological Seminary, Presiding

  • Paul N. Anderson, George Fox University
    The Purpose(s) of the Fourth Gospel (30 min)
  • Adesola Akala, Asbury Theological Seminary
    A Theory of Symbolism for the Gospel of John (30 min)
  • Daniel Frayer-Griggs, Carlow University
    Spittle, Clay, and Creation in John 9:6 and Some Dead Sea Scrolls (30 min)
  • Andrew Byers, University of Durham
    Ambiguation and Ecclesiological Assimilation: A Reassessment of John the Baptist in the Fourth Gospel (30 min)
  • Troels Engberg-Pedersen, University of Copenhagen
    On Concluding that Jesus is From God: The Narrative Philosophical Shape of John 9–10 (30 min)

S25-224: Johannine Literature
11/25/2013, 1:00 to 3:30 PM

Theme: Johannine Scholarship Today - Global and Local Perspectives
This is the third in a series of sessions mapping the current developments in Johannine scholarship on a global and local scale.
Tom Thatcher, Cincinnati Christian University, Presiding

  • Catrin Williams, Prifysgol Cymru, Y Drindod Dewi Sant - University of Wales, Trinity Saint David
    Johannine Scholarship in the United Kingdom (20 min)
  • Fabien Nobilio French Scholarship in Johannine Studies or Johannine Scholarship:
    Leticia Guardiola-Sáenz, Seattle University
    Johannine Scholarship in Spanish-Speaking Central and South America (20 min)
  • Discussion (25 min) & Break (5 min)
  • Open Session:
  • Michael A. Daise, College of William and Mary
    Quotations with 'Remembrance' Formulae in the Fourth Gospel (30 min)
  • Jeffrey E. Brickle, Urshan Graduate School of Theology
    Sympathetic Resonance: John as Intertextual Memory Artisan (30 min)

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Johannine Literature Section

Program Unit Description: Our mission is to address issues and concerns having to do with the analysis and interpretation of the Johannine literature--a major component of the Christian Scriptures, encompassing for our purposes the Gospel of John and the three Johannine letters. The section has historically been committed to highlighting new voices and issues in the field.

Call for Papers for 2013: In Baltimore the Johannine Literature Section will host three sessions. Two are by invitation and deal with "Johannine Scholarship Today - Global and Local Perspectives" and "Ethics in Johannine Literature." The third session is open and we invite paper proposals on any subject related to the Gospel and Letters of John.

Steering Committee Co-Chairs:
Prof. Kasper B. Larsen (
Prof. Jo-Ann A. Brant (

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