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"Johannine_Literature" is an on-line group dedicated to the scholarly discussion of the Fourth Gospel and the Letters of John.  Its purpose is to provide a forum for questions and proposals relating to the exegesis of the Johannine Literature, including its relationship with other biblical literature, history and culture, and using any and all modern critical tools and methods.  This list is co-sponsored by the "Johannine Literature Section" of the Society of Biblical Literature.

This moderated discussion group is intended primarily for professional scholars, but graduate students, pastors, and others interested in the serious academic study of the Bible are also welcome to participate, as long as they respect the academic focus of the group. Contributors are expected to be familiar with the sources, tools and methods used in the critical study and exegesis of the New Testament. All subscribers must agree to abide by the published Protocols for "Johannine_Literature."

Anyone interested in an open discussion of the Gospel of John, including its religious dimensions and spiritual applications for people today, is invited to join the "Gospel-of-John" discussion group instead of this one.

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For the efficient and beneficial operation of this list, subscribers are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Please identify yourself in each message by your full name, your institutional affiliation, and your homepage, if applicable. This can easily be done in most mail programs with an automatically inserted "signature" at the bottom of your messages. If you are unfamiliar with signatures, please see the help features of your email program.
  2. Please participate with restraint. This list contains several hundred well-educated members. Participate when you can make a useful contribution, but please refrain from dominating the conversation. Avoid the temptation to respond immediately to all messages, so that others can contribute more regularly too.
  3. Please be courteous to all others. You may disagree with someone, but do not be disagreeable. Please avoid all personal criticisms. Never stoop to attacking someone's integrity, but always keep your comments objective and courteous.
  4. Please keep your contributions closely related to "Johannine_Literature." Other topics might be more appropriate on other E-lists.  See Mark Goodacre's annotated guide to Academic E-Lists related to the New Testament.
  5. Please keep your messages academically responsible. Do not be dogmatic in your assertions, but back up your claims with explicit evidence. Non-academic contributions of any kind are not appropriate for the "Johannine_Literature" list.  If you are interested in a discussion of the Gospel of John on an explicitly spiritual/religious level, please see the "Gospel-of-John" discussion group instead of this one.
  6. Please make sure that the subject heading reflects the content of your message. If you are responding to something that was a sub-topic of a previous message, or if you are taking the discussion in a new direction, please change the subject heading.
  7. Please keep your messages as concise and relevant as possible. Recipients are less likely to read very long messages, and some people's computers and e-mail systems still require long down-load times and/or have limited storage capacities.
  8. Please quote only the necessary parts of previous messages to which you are responding, and cut the rest. Recipients will better understand your point if you do not quote items that are not directly relevant to your response. In general, quote no more than six lines of a previous message at a time.
  9. Please do not send any e-mail attachments to this list. Attachments add considerably to the length of postings and provide an opportunity for viruses (and similar nasty worms and trojan horses) to perpetuate themselves.  If no one sends attachments, then we do not have to worry about viruses. Virus warnings are usually hoaxes, even though they often look urgent, so please do not post them to this list.
  10. Please avoid chatter and clutter. Send messages of a private nature directly to the individuals, not to the list. Think before sending: Does everyone on this list really need to see what you want to tell your personal friends?
  11. Please do not cross-post messages to this list that have been (or are being) posted to other lists. If you want to forward to this list a message that was sent to you privately, or if you want to send to others a message that was posted on this list, please first obtain permission from the original sender.
  12. Those who fail to observe these protocols will be warned. Persistent offenders will be unsubscribed and/or banned from the list, if necessary.

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On-Line Resources for the Study of the Johannine Literature and other Gospels

Among the many resources available on-line, the following are highly recommended:

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The List Managers of "Johannine_Literature" are Paul Anderson (George Fox University, Newberg, OR), Felix Just, S.J. (Loyola Institute for Spirituality, Orange, CA), and Jack Kilmon (independent historian, Houston, TX).

If you have any difficulties with this list, please contact the managers: johannine_literature-owner@yahoogroups.com.

The "Johannine_Literature" online discussion group was started in May 1999, as a successor to the previous "JohnLitr" list, formerly maintained by Dr. Joe Gagne.  It is hosted by Yahoo!Groups, which also provides an information page for "Johannine_Literature". Special thanks to Dr. Mark Goodacre for providing the model on which this introductory page was based.