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"Gospel-of-John" is an open forum dedicated to the study of the Gospel according to John in all its dimensions, including its modern religious and spiritual applications. Discussion may include questions related to the meaning, background, and interpretation of this Gospel, and closely related religious issues.  Some members may wish to participate in a regular ongoing "Bible Study" of the chapters and verses of this Gospel.

Since this is an "open" list, and may include people from a variety of Christian and non-Christian, religious and non-religious perspectives, it is important for members to remain courteous and respectful in their discussions with one another. Therefore, all subscribers must agree to abide by the standard rules of "Netiquette" and by the published Protocols for "Gospel-of-John."

People interested in a strictly academic discussion of the Fourth Gospel and related literature should consider joining the "Johannine_Literature" discussion group instead of this one.

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Subscribing to "Gospel-of-John"

Sending and Receiving Messages


For the beneficial operation of this list, subscribers are asked to abide by the following guidelines:
  1. Please identify yourself in each message by your full name, your location, and your homepage, if applicable. This can easily be done in most mail programs with an automatically inserted "signature" at the bottom of your messages. If you are unfamiliar with signatures, please see the Ioudaios-L guide to Automating Your Signature (for those using Eudora, Pine, Netscape, and Elm).
  2. Please be courteous to all others. You may disagree with someone, but do not be disagreeable. Please avoid all personal criticisms. Never stoop to attacking someone personally, but always keep your comments objective and courteous.
  3. Please keep messages as concise and as relevant to our topic as possible. Few recipients are likely to read very long messages.
  4. Please quote only the relevant parts of messages to which you are responding. Recipients will better understand your point if you do not quote items that are not directly relevant to your response. In general, quote no more than six lines of a previous message at a time, and cut the rest of any previous message.
  5. Please re-read your own messages before sending them. Do you really want lots of other people to see what you have written?
  6. If you want to forward to the list a message that was sent to you privately, please first obtain permission from the original sender.
  7. Please do not cross-post messages to this list that you (or others) are posting (or already have posted) to other e-mail lists and/or discussion groups.
  8. Please make sure that the subject heading is relevant to the content of your message. If you are responding to a topic that was a minor aspect of a previous message, please change the subject heading.
  9. Please do not include any attachments (attached files) along with any messages that you wish to post to this group.
  10. Those who fail to observe these protocols will be warned. Persistent offenders may be unsubscribed from the list, if necessary.

On-Line Resources for the Study of the Gospels

Among the many resources available on-line, the following are highly recommended:

"Gospel-of-John" Archives

Prior "Gospel-of-John" postings are available for anyone to read at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gospel_of_john/messages.


The List Managers of "Gospel-of-John" are Felix Just, S.J. (Loyola Institute for Spirituality, Orange, CA), Nigel Hanscamp (Matamata Union Parish, New Zealand), and John E. Staton (Methodist Church of Great Britain).

If you have any difficulties with this list, please contact the managers: gospel_of_john-owner@yahoogroups.com

The "Gospel-of-John" Discussion Group was started in May 1999, as a successor to the previous JohnLitr list. It is hosted by YahooGroups.com.

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